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MacTuff Really Muddy

Kids and Adult Events

Sunday June 9th 2024

Pippingford Park, Nutley, Uckfield TN22 3HW
Races from 09:30am

Event day Information
MacTuff Really Muddy South East

June 9th 2024

What to expect . . . .
Really Muddy South East is a challenging mud based run with natural terrain forming obstacles The 3km event is suitable for children of all ages as well as the adults that accompany them. The 5km and 10km are also challenging but 'doable' by adults of even a basic level of fitness. However, don’t underestimate it – this is definitely not a walk in the park. There is a lot of very thick terrain, It is hilly, very muddy and very very wet in places even in dry weather.
It is an important note that all children must be accompanied by registered adult participants. Unaccompanied children and unregistered adults will not be allowed on the course under any circumstances.

The Venue

Pippingford Park, Nutley, Uckfield TN22 3HW. Easily found as 'Pippingford Park'.

Pippingford Park is opposite Ashdown Forest on the A22, around 6 miles south of East Grinstead, and 4 miles west of Crowborough..

You will require private transport or a taxi to get to the venue, unless you are ‘really adventurous’.

Event is Still Open for Entries
At present we still have a number of entries available for select wave times available. If you still have family or friends that wish to enter, please let them know.
Link to entries online are at the top of this page.


Registering for the Race
All registrations are online and in advance of race day. When registration is closed it is not possible to register. There are no on the day registrations under any circumstances.


Event Waiver
It is essential that all participants (or a parent or carer in the case of under 18s) have individually signed a waiver. No participation is allowed without a signed waiver and all participants take part in the event on the understanding of agreeing to the waiver.
Waivers are attached to the pre race email. Waivers should be printed, signed, brought with you to the event and handed in to registration when you collect your race band and tshirt.
We will have extra printed waivers at registration for those that have been unable to print or have forgot them.

Parking & Event Access
All parking is accessed via the main gate at Pippingford Park. Note the Google Maps location below:

Please do not attempt to access Pippingford via any other entrance as you will find yourself in the wrong location.
Allow yourself 10-15 minutes at least to park and walk to the start/ finish area. Parking is free of charge for all attendees.
Event access is on foot only from parking to the start/finish area.

All race packs including tshirts are collected on your event day.

You should collect your pack from:

Race Registration Marquee
For Individuals (all those registered online):

we recommend you to collect your packs 30-45 mins before the start of your wave. Packs are collected by using the name(s) on your registrations in last name order. Everyone that has registered online (including those that have put a team name) are registered as individuals. Don’t forget your race waiver.

For Groups:

If you are part of a group that has been registered directly communicating with MacTuff your packs will be available as a single collection for your whole group. Go to the ‘Group Registration Desk’ in the registration tent. You will need all your waivers for all group members in order to collect.

At registration you will be given a wristband which must be worn by all participants, as this give access to your wave start. No access will be provided without a wristband. It is not possible for you to collect your race medal after the race without a wristband.



Wear light, performance fabrics next to your skin that will typically allow your body to breathe and release moisture. In layers if you feel the need to wear multiple layers, but skin alone will dry quicker than your clothes. Wear old, but comfortable trainers. Do your shoe laces up real tight. Some people like to wear gloves that will give them grip on obstacles. Have your after event clothing set out as much as possible before you race, allowing you to quickly clean, change, and get warm. Remember bottles of water and old towels to get the mud off you, a change of footwear and clothing, and plastic bags for your wet & dirty clothing and towels.

Bag Storage
At Race HQ there will be attended bag storage. Bag storage is free, but we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage of belongings placed in baggage storage. 

Toilets in the form of portaloos are available next to the start/finish area.


Changing Facilities

A very rudimentary indoor changing area is available in the marquee. THERE ARE NO SHOWERS. We recommend that participants bring with them tems such as; bottles of water (for washing down with), a flask of hot water, a hot water bottle, wipes, cloths, towels and changes of clothes with them to get themselves clean/dry/warm after the race.

Wave Starts
Everyone has a wave start time, and a number of people set off in each wave. Waves will start on time. Access to your wave is via your wristband. No wristband, no entry. Each wave will be called out 5 minutes before start time. It is a good idea to be ready to enter the wave area 10 minutes before your wave to ensure you do not miss it.


3km - a single loop of the circuit. (Wave starts from 10.40am)
5km - a single loop of the extended circuit (a little over 5km for a loop) (Wave start 10am)
10km - 2 loops of the extended circuit (Wave start 9.30am)
10 miles - 3 loops of the extended circuit. (Wave start 9am)


During the Event

Be aware of those around you

Encourage and support those around you. Help others that are in need if help. Contact the nearest marshal or medic if you see someone in trouble.

Be aware of the course

Pay close attention to course markers.Be careful of every step you take as the terrain constantly changes.Do not cross rope and course markers - you will be going the wrong way. Be wary of any fences on the property, these may have barbed wire on them.

Be Sensible & Be Safe

Don’t push yourself beyond your capabilities. Take on water at the water station if you need it. Stop frequently if you need to. Pay Attention to Race Officials Follow their instructions and do not ignore them.

You are YOUR Challenge

Run in your own time and enjoy it at a pace you can sustain. Finish with a SMILE It is over, and you have done it.

The Route
The course is treacherous from the start to finish, with many natural hazards along the way. It is important to state this is not a race, participants should travel at a pace which is comfortable for them and take on hazards and obstacles cautiously and carefully. It is accompanying adults responsibility to ensure that the children in their charge are going around the course safely and responsibly.

Water stations
There is a water station out on the course, and in the finish area. If you stop to drink water out on the course, please do so as not to impede other participants. Please use the bins provided for your cups.

Note there will be no food or beverage at the event aside from water for participants Participants are welcome to bring their own food and beverage.

Please respect the marshals and all the helpers on the day. Please obey the instructions of them and do thank them. Please remember that they have given up their time in order to make the race possible.

First Aid
We have medics providing First Aid for our event around the course. If you require their assistance or need to withdraw from the event, please see a marshal, who will assist you and notify the race organisers.

Headphones, Phones, Electronic Devices on the course
We strongly advise against taking anything electrical/electronic out with you on the course, as items can be fully submersed in water.

It is participants responsibility to take care of their own safety and welfare before, during, and after the event. Accompanying adult participants are responsible for the safety and welfare of child participants in their charge.

Spectators are welcome to roam around various parts of the course to view participants, but must not go onto the course route at any time.


When you finish you will be greeted by our medal marshalls, who will cut off your wristband and give you your well earned medal. Please note, no wristband, no medal.


We have a number of photographers take photos over the event day. These will be posted to in the week or so after the event. Photos are free to download. Do you have some photos of the event that you would like to share with us? Send us an email to and we will share them in our smugmug galleries.


On the day Event Support - Could You Help?
We are always looking for people to help deliver our events on event day. If you are interested or know someone that is, then please let us know. In return we provide either a payment towards your expenses, or free places to our events. Email us at for more info.

Loss, Personal Injury and Damage
The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss, personal injury or damage to any participant as a result of entering or participating in this event.

Underlying Health Issues

For your own safety you must let us know of any underlying health issues that you have prior to participating. Send an email to us at; titled ‘PARTICIPANT HEALTH NOTIFICATION’ so these can be confidentially recorded for medical staff in the

event of any individual health emergency.



MacTuff Really Muddy

New for MacTuff is Really Muddy, coming in 2024 to Pippingford.

If you love mud and water, and aren't so keen on monkey bars and big climbs, this one is for you.

Aside from copious amounts of mud it is fun, but its also tough. After all, it wouldn't be MacTuff if it wasn't!

For the kids (and parents) there is a 3k, plus for adults only there are 5k, and 10k as well as a gruelling 10 mile option..


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